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Lou Mazzola

I normally use only off-road trails such as the Erie trail connecting to the Coal Creek or Rock Creek trail to Louisville and sometimes continue on the Highway 36 trail toward Denver. There are plenty of hills and the distance can be either shortened or extended to the liking of the cyclist. On roads too many drivers do not yield to cyclists. I have nearly been hit many times, so I avoid roads.

Lou M

On Tue, Apr 9, 2019 at 9:51 AM Danny Larson <larson.danny@...> wrote:
Just like prior generations have done for us by creating a fledgeling set of paths then a widespread biking infrastructure, we must do for the generations to come.  Now, right now, BEFORE April 14th, is your last possible chance for YOU to say what should be done to make Boulder County a better biking place.  No, no, no, don’t think your opinion doesn’t count for something.  Don’t think this is the work for others.  All comments will be tallied and at this point the only way you can make comments is on-line at this link to the Transportation Master Plan Question/Comment form here:

You can use a many comment forms as you wish to express all of the various ideas you may have.

I am going to give you a few obvious examples of comments but by no means are you limited in your expression of what needs improving, correcting, or adding to what has taken decades to develop.

1.  I never cross Hi-way 287 and go further East on my bike because 287 is so wide and high speed cars are coming from both directions.  Please make some crossings bicycle friendly.  A red light that responds quickly to cyclist would be a minimum, an underpass would be ideal.

2.  Hwy. 36 from Boulder to Lyons with its fast moving traffic makes me feel uncomfortable to travel.  Could an off street path from Boulder  to Lyons be created so as to enjoy that route without cars?  (Really, this idea is under consideration again, so let’s support it.)

3.  Do we have to have so much grit on the roads in winter even on straight roads at no intersections?  Grit may be helpful in some steep places but auto traffic quickly spews it to the roadside making biking dangerous. Cut way back on the grit and the tardy sweeping up of it.

4.  Climbing lanes on all mountain roads would reduce fractious interactions between cyclist and mountain road travelers.  Add more climbing lanes.

5.  Intersection XYZ  is dangerous for cyclist. Name your spot, road, or corner and say what you think needs to be done.

6. I don’t bicycle road, place, town, mountain XYZ because.

OK, that is enough. 

Get to that internet comment form, and go to work!


Extras because you are my two wheeled buddies:

Mazzola, Lou

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