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The Boulder, CO Seniors on Bikes welcome anyone who enjoys cycling with a group. There are fast-paced (17-22mph) "Tiger" and more moderate (15-17mph) "Pacer" rides posted on the Calendar each Wednesday & Friday morning year-round, weather permitting, and ride notice e-mails are sent to members. Casual "Cruzer" rides are posted on warmer days throughout the year.  Occasionally other rides and events are posted as well.  NOTE THAT THE POSTED RIDE TIMES ARE START TIMES, so be sure to arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to be ready to push off at the posted ride time. 

SAFETY: NEVER PASS on the RIGHT SIDE of another rider; PLEASE obey all traffic signals and traffic laws; when we stop at the side of the road MOVE OVER so cars & other cyclists can pass or turn right; go single file when traffic is present. We believe that it's good to have a bright front and rear light at all times of day, and also (except for the would-be Tour de France riders among us) find rear-view mirrors to be helpful.  Please be considerate; our reputation as cyclists is at stake. Colorado cycling rules and a link to the State of Colorado statutes can be found at

The members of the group are expected to be self-reliant and possess basic bicycle maintenance skills: how to change/fix a flat, put a dropped chain back on, adjust brake levers, etc.; DO carry a spare tube, tire levers and pump or CO2 cartridges.  Do not expect others in the group to perform these simple tasks for you, although they are often willing to assist. . We will re-group periodically during rides at major intersections...if you think you may go a different way or turn around, please TELL someone! Lastly, please be considerate of the group and other riders, and observe the protocols established by the ride leader(s), such as ride pace, re-grouping, etc.

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